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Have you got a scar that bothers you?

Maybe it feels tight or lumpy or thick or puckered

Maybe it pulls or tugs or restricts your movement

Maybe you can't bear to touch or look at it

Maybe it causes an unpleasant sensation

Maybe it doesn't feel part of you

Maybe you don't like the way it looks

Maybe you've had digestion issues since surgery

Maybe you've been told you need further surgery to remove scar tissue

Maybe ScarWork can help.... please read on

£50 per session
(approx 75 mins including consultation time)

Here are some of the questions you may have about ScarWork

Please do get in touch if you have a question which isn't covered here.

What is ScarWork?

ScarWork is a gentle therapy, employing the lightest of touch to facilitate the normalising of damaged soft tissue, reducing the adhesions left by the scarring and often improving the scar’s appearance. ScarWork is the brainchild of Sharon Wheeler of Seattle, USA.  Over many years Sharon developed an approach to working with scars that has only been available to be taught to UK therapists since 2014 and I am proud to be one of the few ScarWork therapists in Lincolnshire.

What type of scar will likely benefit from ScarWork?

The simple answer is pretty much any scar.  The body is an amazing organism and its own natural healing process means that many, if not most, scars will heal perfectly well on their own.  However, some scars can benefit from an additional helping hand.  Widespread scars, or scars that have been re-opened for additional surgery, where infections have occurred, or where the tissue around the scar has become lumpy or puckered, or where you may feel a restriction or a tightness, or maybe an unwelcome sensation or none at all.  They may be scars from surgery, injury, burns or illness.  Scars that have not healed as well as they could or leave an ongoing issue are the ones that are likely to benefit the most from ScarWork.


ScarWork is not suitable for:

  • scars that are open, infected or weeping

  • keloid scars

  • scars where surgical mesh has been used in surgery or repair (except in breast reconstruction)

  • lymphoedema that requires specialist management

  • people who are very frail

If you have multiple scars each one will be assessed and priority of treatment given to the scar that bothers you most.

How soon can ScarWork begin?

This will depend on the size and progress of the initial healing of the scar but generally I wouldn't start ScarWork until approximately 7 - 9 weeks after it was formed.  It is important to allow the body to do its own initial healing. At the other end of the timescale I have helped scars that are over 40 years old.


Will it be painful or uncomfortable?

ScarWork is incredibly gentle, a treatment where less is definitely more, and a soft light touch is key.   I will always work to your comfort levels.  Most scars are borne out of some degree of traumatic experience and I try to create an environment which does not feel clinical, but rather one of healing and safety to help you find ease with your scar.  Scars can sometimes be in intimate areas and I seek to maintain your dignity and trust at all times.  People report there are some sensations during treatment.  These include tingling or ‘burning’ sensations that occur as nerves awaken and are stimulated.  There may be sensations of pulling or feelings of warmth or pressure as blood comes into the area.  Some people feel sensations in other areas of the body.  For some people there may be an emotional release which is very normal and part of the healing process.


How many treatments will I need?

Each scar is individual and will respond differently to treatment, and whilst there can be some improvement within just one session, a series of treatments is recommended for maximum effectiveness.   I usually recommend starting with three or four sessions, then we will have a discussion to discuss progress made, and the potential benefit of having further treatments.  It is advisable to have the first few sessions quite close together, approximately 10 - 14 days, and then to spread them further apart.   In the majority of cases the changes will be long lasting and you are unlikely to require no further ongoing treatment in the future.

What happens during the treatment? 

Depending upon where the scar is located you may be asked to remove certain items of clothing so the scar and surrounding area can be accessed.  Your dignity will be respected at all times and towels used to cover any areas not being treated.   The scar will be assessed and photographs may be taken with your consent.  Photographs are powerful tools in recording the change of the scar as treatment progresses, but are entirely optional and will be stored privately and anonymously on my phone.  You will be asked to sign a form giving your permission for photographs to be taken.  These will be taken in a way that does not identify you.


ScarWork starts on the surfaces of the skin then progresses to work on deeper tissue.  You should be comfortable and pain free at every stage, please let me know if anything is uncomfortable.  If you are sensitive about your scar or dislike it being touched you can still have this treatment as I will begin working away from the sensitive area and as comfort levels improve I can progress closer.  Sensitivity usually improves within a treatment or two.  Treatment will always be given within your comfort levels, both physically and emotionally.  


ScarWork is delivered without oils or creams. After treatment many people remark their scars feel softer or that they have less discomfort or pain around their scar or elsewhere in their body.  Many find their ability to move improves or they feel less restricted. During each session I may also incorporate other techniques such as lymphatic massage, myofascial release to optimise the healing potential.


What can I do to help my scar?

Home care advice will be given after each appointment and may include some simple self massage techniques.  I can give advice about how to look after your scar in its early healing days, and recommend products and dressings that may help.

At the end of each session you may see or feel a difference in the scar or surrounding area, changes in movement ability and sensation.  Most people also report they feel relaxed with a sense of well being.  After treatment is it advisable to rest and let the body adjust to the changes that ScarWork enables, particularly if the surgery or trauma was recent. 

I'm still having treatment for cancer - can I have ScarWork?

If you are still under consultant care or receiving treatment for your cancer related scar please let me know before your first appointment as I will need to get consent and guidance from your oncology specialist to proceed.  There are additional considerations with ongoing cancer treatment but it does not mean you cannot have ScarWork.


Will it improve how the scar looks?

It is highly likely there will be some visual improvement in the scar but primarily ScarWork seeks to help the scar and surrounding area feel and function better. 


I'm worried about getting upset during the treatment as the scar is emotionally challenging for me

Most scars come about due to some traumatic experience and having your scar touched and gently treated may bring up a wide range of emotions, both expected and unexpected.  I will always work at your pace, gently and slowly introducing touch, whilst holding a space for you to explore any emotions if you wish.  I have a network of trusted local therapists I can refer you to if you need further help and support.   You may wish to read my letter to you

What people say...

"Having had surgery to mend a broken elbow which resulted in an extensive scar across the elbow tip into the forearm and into the upper plus uncomfortable and sensitive scar tissue, I was recommended to try Rachel’s Scar Therapy. I was very surprised at the impressive results she achieved. Following very subtle ‘light touch’ massage treatment the movement of my elbow felt more ‘normal’ and the muscle tissue felt less ‘stuck together’. It also removed some of the trauma held within, as I found myself turning onto my side during sleep, which I had not done since my accident. The look of the scar has improved significantly too, but I have been amazed at the transformational results in terms of freedom of movement which has developed and actually feeling comfortable with that part of my body again, instead of feeling protective towards it and instinctively tensing if it was likely to be touched or knocked."  -  JP

"I was recommended to see Rachel as I had a c-section in 2006 and then abdominal surgery in 2019 which left me with a large scar going from hip to hip. The scar was very lumpy, puckered and completely numb. It was also quite uncomfortable; my mid section felt tight and twisting my body was virtually impossible.  If I'm honest during my first session with Rachel I was convinced it wouldn't work. The massage was so gentle, it was extremely relaxing but my scar was so lumpy I was sure it would need a more vigorous massage to break the scar tissue down. At the end of my first session, Rachel asked me to feel my scar, I was completely amazed. Most of the lumps were gone, the puckering had been reduced so much it was barely noticeable and I also had some feeling back - after just one session!  I had a total of four sessions with Rachel and am so happy with the look and feel of my scar. The lumps and numbness have virtually gone and the scar looks so much better. I cannot recommend Rachel and ScarWork enough."  -  SG

"I started working with Rachel due to internal scar tissue as a result of various surgeries which was affecting me both physically and mentally.  I was unsure what to expect, my treatment with her has far exceeded what I hoped for.  The safe holding space Rachel provides through both her professional and caring nature combined with her extensive knowledge and experience has facilitated profound healing for me.  I experience less health problems, am more connected with my body which in turn has helped me mentally.  I wholeheartedly recommend Rachel."  -  KF

"I am so happy that I decided to see Rachel about my C Section scar.  Although the scar itself wasn’t a problem visually due to it’s location, I have absolutely hated the area surrounding it, a kind of hard ‘shelf’ above the scar where fat seemed to sit.  Despite being a very physically active person, whatever I did I just couldn’t shift this horrid ‘shelf’ of fat that was sitting above the scar.  I’ve had it for 11 years now and I HATED it.  I couldn’t look at my stomach as it made me feel pretty sick, and it often made me feel foolish – I imagined people looking at all the running and exercise that I do and thinking that I can’t try that hard because I’ve still got such a fat stomach.  I was very excited by the prospect of Rachel’s treatment for the scar, but also pretty sceptical.  Could she really do anything effective with this stubborn area when I’ve been trying desperately to get rid of it for 11 years?  Well the short answer was – YES.  Rachel is calming, understanding and instantly likeable.  I felt really self conscious about my stomach but she instantly put me at ease.  The treatment is also very gentle and actually quite pleasant.  Results weren’t instant, but over time became apparent.  Somehow (magic?!!) Rachel has coaxed the stubborn fat back to where it is supposed to sit.  So while it’s still there, it now sits more evenly spread across my tummy and it looks more like a tummy is meant to.  Whereas the problem area was hard to touch, it’s now much softer.  So I still don’t have the flat stomach that I want, however now I am really hopeful that if I put in the effort to achieve this through diet and exercise, it is now actually achievable for me, whereas before it definitely was not.

I have no idea how Rachel achieves the results that she does, but she’s quite simply incredible and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to other people.  Not only does her treatment give great results, but she is also a genuinely lovely person who really cares about helping other people."   -  JG

"Just wanted to let you know my knee feels brilliant after the treatment.  I played my tennis match the next day with no discomfort or issues.  Sadly we lost but it was great to be back playing competitively.  The numbness and pain has definitely reduced and the scar feels so much smoother, thank you" - LS

With this Abdominoplasty scar (tummy tuck) the pictures can do the talking...

Before and after.jpg

A letter to you...

Holding Hands

You’re doing a great job, picking your life back up again following what created those scars on your body. Mostly you’ve recovered well and when asked will always respond back with yes I’m doing fine. know that you’re not quite as fine as you’d like to be. Your scar pulls and feels tight. The area around it feels lumpy and bumpy. And if you can bear to touch it it feels alien to your body, like it’s not a part of you. You notice as you go about your every day life that just doing the simplest normal things like putting on your clothes, or reaching to get something there’s a tightness, like a restriction, a limit on what you used to be able to do. You’ve noticed too that since this all happened you get stiff and sore in other areas of your body, and things happen that didn’t used to happen like that before, or maybe they don’t, like going to the loo as regularly.


It's easier to not think about how it all made you feel. It wouldn’t be fair to keep going on about it to your friends and family, it's so boring for them and they just tell you you’re doing great and to look on the bright side because it could have been worse. And yes people are going through worse things, but if you stop to think about your scar and how it came about for a moment you maybe feel a hint of emotion bubbling up which you push down. The fear, the sense of failure, the hurt, the shame, the anger in varying degrees all lies buried deep.


You’d like to feel more at ease with the scar, both physically and emotionally but it's easier to push it away. After all you had to be brave, courageous, not mind when you were poked and prodded and bared your flesh to all and sundry. It all felt cold and clinical. "Hey, I’m a person inside this body with feelings” you wanted to shout but no-one stopped to listen. So it's easier to just keep being brave and courageous, grateful that it wasn’t worse than it was, and accepting that it can’t be any better than it is.


Well maybe there is a way. A way in which you can be gently reintroduced to loving, kind human touch on and around your scar. A way to begin to love that part of you again, to feel it become a part of you again. A way to acknowledge all that you’ve been through and to be listened to. To be able to say how scary it was, how you wanted to run away and hide, how you wished it wasn’t happening to you. I get that. And I hear you. I will listen. And gently take your hand and hold a space for those emotions to be felt and then let go. To help you find some ease in your body, so you’re not reminded so harshly that your body isn’t what it used to be, so that you can move more freely, wear clothes more comfortably. So one day you can touch and feel your scar and smile to yourself. You are a survivor and this scar is one part of all your experiences that make you the person you are today.


With love

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