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Coaching is essentially a conversation between us, focusing entirely on you.  Your dreams, hopes, fears, and challenges.  You talk, I ask questions, together we explore what comes up.   Coaching can be really helpful if you are feeling stuck.  Maybe not knowing how or where to move forward, or perhaps at a point with many options and can't decide which one to take.  Or maybe you use the sessions as a sounding board, to let go of stuff that is holding you back or to understand yourself better - how your patterns of behaviour have formed, your values and beliefs and how they play out in your life and relationships currently. 

Please get in touch to chat about how coaching may help you. 


Sessions can be face to face or online.

£50 per 60 minute session

"I thought I knew what I was doing and where I was going with my business but Rachel helped me to look at 'the bigger picture' which helped me to bring other factors and areas of my life into the equation. She then helped me to develop ways to implement changes and progression in these areas. Rachel is friendly and very easy to talk to, a joy to work with.  A valuable experience and time well spent."

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